Search Engine Optimization.

Content must be perfectly usable by search engines and users. Poorly optimized content has a negative impact on search engine ranking (SEO). The only remedy is a basic technical and textual optimization!

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Content for better search engine optimization

A good offer alone is no longer enough these days. Because this offer must also be found. With our search engine optimization tools, we increase the visibility of your website and your content for users who start their search for specific services and products via a web search engine.

How do we achieve perfect quality and performance?

We orientate ourselves with the technical optimization to the public standards from Google itself and have extended these with our own performance metrics.


According to John Mueller from Google, the loading time of a homepage must not exceed two seconds. Exceeding this limit leads to an increased bounce rate. A bounce means a bad experience for the user. The more often this happens, the worse the page will be ranked by Google as a result. One second may not seem long, but in terms of loading times, it can make a big difference.



Accessibility is helpful for 100% of users, necessary for 30% and essential for 10%. In Germany, 7.5 million people are considered severely disabled and these are also among the relevant online customers. We check your website for barrier-free accessibility and show ways to improve your web application. Only a subset of the possible accessibility problems can be detected automatically, which is why we recommend manual testing.


Best Practices

We follow existing Google best practices to ensure that the underlying technologies work flawlessly in the context of your website. This means that all of your desired applications can function smoothly and securely. These points speak for a high quality standard and flow equally into the search engine algorithm.

Best Practice

Content and backlink analysis

With the content analysis methodology, we are able to analyze texts for the presence of certain words and topics as well as determine concepts within certain texts. The meanings and the relationships of certain words as well as their quantification and the analysis of the topics or concepts are other important tools to make an existing homepage search engine optimized.

Backlink analysis

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