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There is always an idea behind a company. With an explanatory video, you bring this idea visually to the point, so that you can spread it on all platforms.

Motion Design

Motion design is a design discipline that is increasingly coming into focus, combining audiovisual design with modern technologies. Today's moving images often incorporate elements from classic graphic design and typography to create impressive visual worlds and moods.

This technique is not only used in films. More and more 2D and 3D animations can also be found in advertising and marketing, where there are no limits to the imagination and implementation possibilities. These videos are particularly popular in the social media sector and bring attention to their senders.

This is how we Create customized Explainer Videos!

The explainer video needs thorough preparation to make the creative work and implementation as efficient as possible.


    A good explainer video is created through good cooperation with the customer. During a kick-off meeting, wishes and goals as well as a rough project schedule are defined.


    On which channels and in which formats should the video be played? The requirements for videos can be diverse and must be clarified precisely.


    The concept is about defining the desired look of the video based on so-called style frames. Similarly, the script and the voiceover follow.

    Graphic design / Animation Work

    The graphic implementation of the script as well as the associated animation work represents the greatest effort of the work process. This is where the images come to life.

    Sound Setting

    Ist ein Sprechertext, ein sogenannter Off-Text gewünscht, wird dieser von einem professionellen Sprecher vertont und anschließend unter das Video gelegt.

    Sound Effects and Music

    No Hollywood movie is complete without music - and neither is an explainer video. The right background music and sound effects create the desired mood.


    The final correction loop takes place before the expert. After that, the film is played out in the desired format and made available to the customer.



If attackers manage to penetrate your systems, this can mean the loss of data and trust. We explain this complex topic around security and penetration tests in this video.

Neven Subotic

Neven Subotic

Water is the basis of all life - and that's exactly what the Neven Subotic Foundation brings to the poorest regions of the world in the form of wells and hygiene facilities. We explain how this works in our video.



The Dortmund-based startup Farbfox has no less a plan than to digitally revolutionize the entire painting trade in Germany. We explain how this is supposed to work in our animation video.

Soccer and Athletics Association

Soccer and Athletics Association

The Westphalian Football and Athletics Association has a wide range of measures in place to strengthen amateur soccer. In our video, we explain which offers play a special role.

Michael Bollenbacher

Michael Bollenbacher is a trained journalist and voice-over artist. As a sports editor for ARD as well as SWR, his voice can be heard regularly on television, both for live sports events and features. For Pulso Media, the Stuttgart native dubs animated and explainer videos, giving their project the professional sound it needs.

Michael Bollenbacher

Sports editor of the ARD



It's not just in Hollywood that this technique is being used more and more. Animated videos are also being used more and more in the advertising and communication world of companies. No camera or film crew is needed here - just a good idea that we turn into a three-dimensional world.

Creative and visually high-quality videos not only attract attention and have the chance to become a viral hit, but they are also played out more widely by social media platforms such as Facebook than texts and images. We let your company speak through moving images. We can also produce the background music individually and adapt it to your requirements.

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