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We support you in all areas of web technology and online marketing. High performance websites with modern design, high quality and more visibility are our specialty.

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This is us

What makes us different?

Simple communication, creative solutions and customer-oriented service:
That's exactly what's important to us - and that's exactly what you'll find with us. We are not a typical agency, where the first hundreds of euros are spent on elaborate and often meaningless presentations. We do not sell ourselves first
in highfalutin talks, before we get down to the actual work. We work out goals and desires in simple conversations, set prices that are fair and that do not lead to unpleasant surprises afterwards due to additional work.

We offer our customers the best possible service - so that customers become aware of your service. And we design homepages that are not only beautiful and user-friendly, but above all fast and SEO-optimized. Because that's exactly how you and your services and products will be found on Google.

  • Digital solutions in beautiful design
  • IT security and long-term support
  • More visibility and wider reach
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With Pulso Media we found a design that in our eyes is not only next level, but above all reflects our philosophy and our message appropriately and beautifully.

Marvin Urban

Marvin Urban

CEO, Farbfox
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Our Team

  • Wenzel Heckenkamp

    Wenzel Heckenkamp


    With a master in marketing and communication and a lot of knowledge in the field of design, animation and modeling, I bring your message into the right form. Because today, besides the content, the garb is also increasingly important.

  • Jan Kahmen

    Jan Kahmen


    With my business informatics degree, I am also interested in disruptive technologies and excel at critical questioning, innovative problem solving and optimizing existing business processes.

  • Markus Trümper


    Almost 15 years of experience in journalism as well as creative writing let me find the right words for your message. No matter if on your homepage, in social media or even on a flyer: I bring your message to the point.

  • Till Oberbeckmann

    Till Oberbeckmann


    I look back on many years of work in the fields of software development and IT security and have carried out a variety of projects in companies of different sizes and industries.

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