One thing in particular is increasingly important for companies: visibility. And that's exactly why the various social media channels are indispensable. In our training courses, we explain how you can use these platforms for yourself and your company to stand out from the crowd of offers and thus generate more customers in the end.

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Social media training with experience

Over many years as a social media editor, our expert Markus Trümper has built up expertise in the field of various social media platforms, focusing in particular on the usage strategies of Instagram. With a one-day training, he also brings this knowledge to your company.

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What we offer

Hands-on training to quickly improve your company's social media presence and reach.

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Everything starts with the right appearance. We show you how to build consistent and beautiful designs for your corporate communications.
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Which hashtags do I use and when do I make a post. All this has an influence on the reach. We show you how it works.
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Above all, a strategy must be sustainable in the long term, even in the social media sector. With the right tools, planning becomes child's play.


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