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Explainer Videos - Finding the Right Style

Today, website content has to be easily accessible above all. Therefore, visual tools like the explainer video are increasingly important to bring content to an ever-growing audience on digital platforms.

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Website content today, he says, must above all be easily accessible. That's why visual tools like the explainer video are increasingly important for getting content to an ever-growing audience on digital platforms.
The videos offer a number of advantages for this at once. This is because they not only address the visual level, but also an auditory one. Even complex issues can be communicated quickly and, above all, in a way that is easy to understand.
There are various styles in which an explainer video can be implemented. These have their own individual advantages and are particularly suitable for certain areas. In addition, there are also different costs for the production of the explainer videos. Therefore, it is important to get an overview of the possibilities in order to choose a style for the explainer video that is suitable.

Explainer Video Pictogram

An explainer video with pictograms is kept simple and plain. Digital icons are used, such as those known from an infographic. This style can be used to convey clear facts in a concrete way. This type of explainer video is often used to present content in a serious manner. But also to address groups of people who respond better to visual, simple content.


  • Existing graphics and icons can be easily integrated - recognition value
  • Fast as well as inexpensive realization due to a simple design
  • Well suited for communicating facts and figures


  • Not suitable for emotional messages
  • Limited suitability for sales messages
  • Does not stand out from the crowd

Explainer Video Lineart

Very minimalistic is the modern lineart design for explainer videos. Simple basic figures are drawn from fine lines. These can be easily animated and can be used for diverse narrative styles. Therefore, individual stories as well as facts can be implemented well pictorially.
This style is also known as whiteboard style. Just as in the past people wrote on a whiteboard and then the content was wiped away and the board was rewritten, this is now done digitally but in a visually similar way with lineart.


  • Very good for clear information transfer
  • Few distractions due to too many effects and design features
  • Very modern and universally applicable
  • Modern style with fresh effect
  • Cost effective and quick to produce


  • Usually only in black and white
  • Corporate design difficult to integrate
  • Does not stand out from the crowd

Explainer Video Flat Design

This animation style relies on 2D animations. The look is very modern and can be roughly adapted to the corporate design in terms of color. It is possible to cover diverse areas via the flat design clips. From product explanation to emotional appeal - a lot is possible here. Compared to the preceding design types, this type of explainer video is more complex to produce.


  • Ideal for visualizing complex content in a simple way
  • Well suited to present facts, but also to arouse emotions
  • Modern design for young target groups
  • Corporate design can be integrated very well


  • Flat design is widespread
  • More expensive than, for example, line art
  • Explainer video cartoon style

Cartoon-style explainer videos offer a lot of room for individual implementation. Here, the focus is on the classic comic style, which in turn comes in many styles. From the superhero look to the cute children's design, everything is possible. Therefore, the cartoon style has the potential to be optimized for a perfect fit, especially for special target groups.


  • High degree of individualization possible
  • Perfect for a design tailored to the target group
  • Very well suited for emotional content
  • Adaptable for all age groups


  • Only conditionally suitable for classic fact videos
  • Can quickly appear kitschy and too playful if implemented incorrectly

Explainer Video - Video Shooting

Explainer videos can also be created with actors and on real sets. This can be suitable, for example, if company areas are to be shown or people from a company are to be talked about. Such videos can be realized in various ways and are very popular in the field of image films. Compared to all other types of explainer videos, the required budget is the highest here.


  • Well suited for storytelling
  • Can be combined with digital content
  • Suitable for emotional appeal
  • Suitable for any target audience


  • Extensive planning phase and long production
  • High costs

Explainer Videos from PULSO Media

It quickly becomes clear that explainer videos can be used in many forms. However, this also means that there are many pitfalls in planning as well as implementation. Therefore, it is advisable to work with experienced specialists in this field. After all, not every style is equally suitable for every message.
We will be happy to advise you on your explainer video. In addition to the styles shown, it is also possible to combine several contents in mixed media style. We will help you find the right explainer video for your needs and budget. Feel free to contact us with your request.

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