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Explainer Videos: The Key to more Reach and Sales

Explainer videos can be the key for companies to get their message across quickly and professionally.

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The structures of the internet and the algorithms behind them have fundamentally changed the interplay between supply and demand. Today, companies not only have to have a good offer for an existing market. They have to prevail in the digital battle for attention while getting their message across quickly and easily. Because in addition to customers' search behaviour, their attention span has also changed - it has become much shorter.

  • Presenting content to target groups
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Optimise corporate identity
  • Suitable for every industry
  • Holistic marketing solutions

Did you know? Our average attention span for compact advertising content is currently 8 seconds. This puts us slightly behind the attention span of a goldfish - which manages around 9 seconds.

Explainer videos can be the key for companies to get their message across quickly and professionally. With explainer videos, you have the chance to reach a larger potential target group, achieve a greater conversion rate and thus also generate more sales. It doesn't matter whether you offer products or services. Why, and how explainer videos are created, we explain in this blog post.

Attract Potential Customers

In today's world of social media and a quick swipe, you have little time to convince potential customers. So your offer needs to be communicated quickly and clearly. If it isn't, potential customers will get lost online. And this is exactly where explainer videos come into play.

Regardless of whether it's a service, product or even a software solution - explainer videos get to the point quickly and have the ability to answer all the important questions in 60-120 seconds. Why are you the right doctor, lawyer or craftsman? What makes you stand out from the competition? How can your product make my everyday life easier? And why are you the greatest expert in your field? All these questions can be answered in a short explainer video.

How is an Explainer Video Created?

A good explainer video is created through close cooperation between your company and the film producers. Because before a video can be produced, we answer the most important questions together:

  • Who is your potential customer?
  • What does he expect to find on your homepage?
  • What problem does he have that you can solve for him?
  • What language does he speak?
  • How would he like to be addressed?
  • Formally or casually?
  • And how should he get in touch with you?

This clarification process is the cornerstone for the realisation of a good explainer video. With a holistic marketing company like Pulso Media GmbH, these questions are answered in a joint process. In the first step, the message to be conveyed in the explainer video is worked out.

In the second step, this message has to be written down in a meaningful text. The text is the basis for the video. With the help of the script, the creative team creates first drafts and rough sketches, so-called style frames, to determine the look and design of the film.

In the end, the implementation effort is also decisive for the costs of the explainer video. Individual designs and 3D animations, for example, are more expensive than catalogue illustrations or 2D versions. If animations are also full-screen, this can also increase the price compared to more minimalistic illustrations. In general, the design for the explainer video can be adapted to corporate identity or even newly developed.

2D Animation

Turingpoint English.00_00_15_18.Still001.jpg

2D Animation full-screen

Turingpoint English.00_01_04_12.freeze frame003.jpg

3D Animation

Turingpoint English.00_00_32_29.freeze frame002.jpg

Have an explainer video created - design, sound and production

Once the design has been finalised, the third step is the creative implementation. Depending on the effort involved, this can take up to 30 hours and represents the greatest effort in the creation process. The length of the video and the effort required for the individual animations play a decisive role. Based on this, the effort and thus also the costs incurred increase.

In the fourth step, the sound and music come into play. While the motion designer adds suitable sound effects to your explainer video, a professional narrator takes over the dubbing of your video. Likewise, you will be given a choice of different pieces of music to give your video the necessary dramaturgy, the desired mood. At the end of this step is the final video, which is usually followed by a final correction phase.

In the fifth and final step, the video is rendered. In this step, you decide in which file format you want to receive the video in order to be able to play it out on your various channels. Since this step requires a lot of computing power and can take several hours, the rendering is also a factor in the pricing of the explainer video.

Important note: Depending on the intended use of the explainer video, additional costs may arise for the rights of use. This is because with the video, the producer transfers to you the rights of use for specific purposes that are determined in advance. While the use for social media channels or your homepage will not generate any additional costs, licences for the TV sector, for example, may be more expensive.

Conclusion - Using explainer Videos for Business

Explainer videos offer you the opportunity to get to the heart of your product, your idea, your concern quickly or in a creatively appealing way. This can be a great advantage, especially in the area of social media, as the attention span of users is getting shorter and shorter. Similarly, the algorithm of platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram rewards the use of videos as opposed to photos and texts. With the use on the social platforms, you therefore have the chance to increase your reach and thus also your conversion rate with explainer videos. The price depends mainly on your individual wishes and the length of the video. For high-quality and unique image content of around 90 seconds, the price for an explainer video starts at around 3,000 euros.

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